What Apple needs to do with iPad Pro

Apple is set to unveil a new iPad Pro today with USB-C, bezel-less display and FaceID while also removing the home button. While these rumored enhancements to the iPad Pro are good, Apple is playing catchup with Microsoft and Google and Apple needs to do more if they want to be competitive. These are the items Apple needs to do with the iPad Pro.


Stop relying on the Internet as a backup during an emergency

Hurricane Michael was a record-setting storm: strongest hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle, third lowest land-falling hurricane according to pressure and strongest storm of the 2108 hurricane season. Michael should also be the storm where we should no longer rely on the Internet as a backup.


Why nobody is questioning the time of the Bloomberg-China article

Bloomberg Business Week had an explosive article last week detailing how China used its’ influence to add a tiny microchip on mainboards used in servers that are by several American companies including Apple and Amazon to gain corporate secrets and disrupt their supply chain. Both companies issued strongly denying statements as well as the mainboard manufacture. China also issued a denial as well. The same day this article came out, Vice-President Mike Pence gave a strongly-worded policy speech criticizing China. The coincidence shouldn’t be ignored.


Please end the three-hour keynote

Memorial Day has always been the unofficial start to Summer: a time to reflect, a time to travel, a time to eat with friends and family members. It also kicks off the Summer of developer conferences, where programmers flock to San Francisco to see what Apple, Microsoft and Google will unveil. It also means we have to sit through three-hour keynotes with slides showing if statements.

May. 13, 2015 / 4:02 PM GMT+0000 (16:02 GMT)

Indeed, at last, both Google and Facebook are ready to talk. Two weeks ago, Google signed a friendship pact with eight European publishers. Now Facebook has made its deal with nine — take that, Google! — publishers, not just in squeaky-wheel Europe but also in America: The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC, Spiegel, and Bild. Note that the last one, Bild, is owned by Axel Springer, which has led the European war against Google, forcing it — and by extension, Facebook — to come to the table.

Jeff Jarvis on Facebook’s Instant Articles and why it would be dumb for publishers to ignore it.


Fears of a Facebook overlord are highly overrated

Here we go again: fears of a “walled garden” – a closed ecosystem designed not to let users venture outside – are back. Facebook finally unveiled it’s long anticipate feature for news outlets to publish their articles inside of Facebook – Instant Articles. Talks of the “walled garden” begin to rise. They have nothing to fear, history is on their side.


It’s all about advertising in Verizon-Aol merger

Why did Verizon acquire Aol for a reported $4.4 billion? It’s not about the content because the red V tried and failed at original content. It’s about the advertising market – mainly automation.


Don’t believe Iran’s changing of censorship

Remarks made by Iran’s Culture of Minister suggests that the country has given up on censorship. The suggestion of free expression in Iran should be met with skepticism as the minister also suggested another way to control the media.

May. 11, 2015 / 3:24 PM GMT+0000 (15:24 GMT)

Sony Pictures executives spent months discussing how they should handle the subject of net neutrality. As revealed in a series of leaked emails, executives waffled on whether or not they should file a comment with the Federal Communications Commission to present their view. Ultimately, Sony declined to file because of concerns that it was difficult to get the entirety of Sony on the same page, that Sony may not be able to add much value to the discussion, and that Sony could end up burning some bridges.

Sony would probably buy fast lanes in a world without net neutrality – The Verge